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Desert Rose Double Pendant Necklace




  • Chain length 44 “

  • Lariat style pendant can be worn in many different ways

  • 2 Natural Desert Rose Crystals

  • .925 Sterling Silver mounts for strength, plated in yellow gold

  • Chain is Stainless Steel, plated with gold.

  • Will not rust, change colour or tarnish

  • Chain and fittings plated with 18K Yellow Gold that stays looking shiny and joyful


This versatile lariat necklace makes an organic statement with natural desert rose crystals enhanced by sunny yellow gold.

How do you care for a Desert Rose Crystal?

Desert Rose Crystals are natural crystals that form in the desert. Minerals, water, wind and sand erosion work together to create a crystal that’s unique. Desert Rose crystals are safe for daily wear, but avoid soaking them in water as it may change their colour.