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Custom-designed jewellery is more than an accessory, it’s a way to mark your life’s most important moments. Whether you are commissioning a design for a loved one or marking a special day such as an engagement, anniversary, job promotion or the birth of a child. Wherever you are in the world, Marilyn Tan can craft a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece you will adore.


Experience Bespoke

You may already have a clear idea in mind, or you may want guidance on designs and materials. Start by browsing our website to see some possibilities. If you see a piece you like, it can be used as a starting point for your design. If you have a budget in mind, Marilyn will recommend designs and gems to suit. If you don’t have a clear budget in mind she will guide you through options, to help you make a decision.


Start Your Jewellery Journey With Us

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The custom jewellery process starts with talking to Marilyn. You can meet in her atelier in Singapore, or talk remotely via video. Marilyn can design jewellery for you that’s entirely original, or adapt an existing piece. Or she can take a family heirloom as the starting point for a new piece of jewellery, breathing in new life with her artist’s eye and craftsmanship

Access To Experience

You collaborate with Marilyn every step of the way, from picking gems, jade and precious metals, to discussing the symbolism and message you want to communicate with your custom jewellery. Practical issues are also discussed. Do you want clip-on or pierced earrings? Do you have sensitive skin? Marilyn is an expert in hypoallergenic jewellery.

Quality In Detail

Jade and gems can be supplied with certificates of authenticity from independent laboratories. So you can purchase precious gems confident that any treatments are fully disclosed. Marilyn also keeps you updated throughout the bespoke jewellery process, with detailed sketches and drawings, plus photos of the crafting process. We work with clients around the world in this way. It’s magical seeing your ideas come to life!


What Customers Say About Us

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  • "It's hard to find standout jewellery pieces you can still wear every day. Marilyn's been invaluable in helping me transform my late mother's treasured antique pieces into modern jewellery I can wear now."

    Heidi Yeo

    Editor and Ceramic Artist

  • "Marilyn's designs are contemporary, yet ageless. You can wear them for years, without fear they will look dated. She sees the inherent beauty in a gemstone and designs individualistic pieces. I feel this is a hallmark of Marilyn Tan's jewellery."

    Winfred Chen

    HR Consultant for Multinational Corporations

  • "When I wear Marilyn Tan designs someone always comments on them. You don't get that with other jewellery. My latest pieces are a lapiz lazuli ring and earrings. They are stunning! And that's what people say, when I wear them."

    Azhani Daniel

    Airline Media Professional

  • "When I first saw Marilyn's structural pieces they immediately caught my attention. Apart from being beautiful, they convey a message of power and personality."

    Ana Konder

    Executeive Director, Showroom One

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Every bespoke jewellery commission begins with a no-obligation chat about designs. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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