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Ching Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 58mm




  • Size is 58 mm in diameter

  • One of a kind

  • Natural. undyed, untreated jade. Untreated jade is more valuable.

  • Bangle comes with a gemologists certificate from a certified gemologist


What’s Special About This Unique Jade Bangle
. 2 colours of dark and light green in one bangle
This blend of green colours signifies an abundance of peacel, prosperity and wealth

- In Chinese, green jade is the origin of the phrase: “Money Flows”

What to Know About Jade
The best Jadeite Jade comes from Burma. Exceptionally hard, it must be carefully cut and polished by hand
Jadeite Jade that has not been treated is more valuable, as treatment can reduce its durability.
Jade fans believe jade is not only beautiful jewelry, it's also protection you wear on your wrist.
Jadeite Jade is a natural mineral and isn't "perfect" like man-made products, or "fake jades" made of resin or glass.